Braided_Rugs_Product_BoxColonial Mills      |     Rhody

Braided Rugs represent a tradition that is a part of our history’s past. However, decorating with a braided rug today does not consist only of dark colors and a “country” motif that once would come to mind when some people would think of braided rugs. Additionally, Braided Rugs require very little upkeep, and will last forever with the proper minimal maintenance.

Braided rugs are available in a wide range of styles. Colors are brighter, from soft pastels to more jewel tones, and sizes can range from small scatter sizes up to full room size rugs. New introductions of braided rugs in various shapes, offer a completely new twist to the traditional look. A perfect example is an elongated octagon braided rug, placed under a dining room table. This new look is a braided rug reborn for today’s times.

Braided Rugs are versatile in many different settings and motifs. Whether “your style” is country, traditional, cottage, shabby chic, colonial, and now even bordering contemporary, a braided rug would certainly add charm to your décor.